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Waiting For My Travel Writer’s Course

Reviewing “The Travel Writer’s Guide” by Gordon Burgett has jogged my memory about how I will proceed in my quest to settle into a life of writing travel articles.  On Saturday, I’ll be spending the afternoon listening and learning how to make a go at the travel writing business.  I hope there will be enough [...]

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Choosing a Subject to Write About

As I wrote last time, I’ve signed up for Gordon Burgett’s 4-hour class, called “Creating Travel Articles and Video Tours That Sell”.  I’ve read his book and bought his audio CD titled “How to Sell 75% of Your Travel Writing”.  In preparation for the class, I’ve been reading his “Travel Writer’s Guide” book again.  I [...]

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Making a Living by Writing Travel Articles

I wondered for many years how I could write about my world travels and get paid for it.  I’ve always known that other people do it.  But, being a person who runs a store, I know that you have income, and you have expenses.  I know where a travel writer’s income comes from.  What I [...]

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An Honor And A Privilege

It has been an honor and a privilege to raise four children.  I’ve worked very hard over the years just to get by, sometimes having one or two part time jobs to have enough to pay our bills and send the kids to college.  But, somehow, we did it.  Now our children are all grown [...]

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10 Minute Travel – Information For Travel

The Official Launch of the 10 Minute Travel Blog! First thing, let me introduce myself.  I’m Steve and I have the travel bug.  Bad!  Since 2006’s trip to Europe, I’ve done nothing but think up ways to travel to various places and drink in the experience.  But, I am afflicted with the same problem that most [...]

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