Welcome to 10 Minute Travel! Traveling is one of the best ways to meet new people, experience new cultures, try new foods and see all of the amazing sights the world has to offer. I’ve been bitten by the travel bug. You too, huh?!?

My mission is to gather meaningful information about any and all travel locations in the world today. I want to get pictures, video and travel stories organized into an interesting collection of personal travel experiences. With digital photography and video, sharing experiences is so easy and fun to do.  I need your help!!

I can’t do this alone (although I will happily do my part !!). There must be many other people just like me who want to learn more of the detail, the culture and the history of far away places. Wonderful, interesting places like Italy, France, Spain and Germany. Thailand, Japan, China and Singapore. Where in this great and wonderful world have you been? Or, better yet, where do you live now? Why not submit a story on a place or attraction that is near your home? We would all love to learn about what is great in your own backyard! Make us envy your good fortune!

This is your chance and mine, to share what is great about so many destinations. Not only because they are great vacation sites, but because there is something to learn from the history. And something to take away from the beauty of it all !!

I started this website because I wanted to create a database to catalog and store travel information. I want to be able to read about and see pictures and video of Rome, Paris, Tokyo and Sydney. But, I can get that from a Google search or someone’s travel web site. Rick Steves is a good example. I own all of his television shows on DVD. 70 episodes in all. They are quite good, but move from town to town and attraction to attraction at a very fast pace. It is my desire to stop and smell the roses, so to speak. I want to examine each element of a city to see why it is important, what its history is and who was involved (the “players”). For example, when I visited Rome, I was taken by tour bus to see various sights. One of our stops was Trajan’s Column. I didn’t know anything about Emperor Trajan and I had no idea why he was important. The tour company didn’t provide us with any of this information in advance. The guide explained what he could, but between trying to take pictures and keeping up with the group, I missed a lot of information that I now realize I should have had before arriving in Rome. Our last stop in Rome was a walk to the Colosseum. When we got there, I found out that we weren’t even going to go inside !! There wasn’t enough time allotted, so we went back to the bus and went to the hotel!!! I wasn’t at all happy, but the good news is that there is next time to look forward to.

So, with all of that said, here is what I am attempting to do:

1. Focus this website on great sights and attractions, wherever they may be.
> Collect and organize travel articles.
> Collect useful travel tips that you can use.
> Collect and organize reviews of hotels, B&B’s, travel gadgets and various travel attractions.

2. Attempt to explain why a sight or attraction is important and provide a little history, a few facts and WOW factor information. Convince the traveler that it is well worth it to go and see it (whatever “it” may be!).

3. Try to devote no more than 10 minutes (hence the name “10 Minute Travel“) to any one place or thing. You can take a virtual trip during your 10 minute coffee break at work or spend the afternoon reading and planning for your next trip.  It’s up to you.

4. Get many people to contribute their input on the same sight or attraction. It’s interesting and fun to learn what other people have to add to the mix.

5. Produce an interesting and useful website that you can contribute to or use to learn about your next destination before you go, or use it while you are there so you can get maximum enjoyment from your visit! Be prepared to travel and enjoy the sights!!

What I’m after is not a travel story about Paris, for example. How would it be possible to focus on Paris and do it justice in 10 minutes? Zooming in a bit, a museum in Paris is also too much to take on in 10 minutes. But, writing an informative paragraph or two about the Mona Lisa in the Louvre in Paris is very doable! And I will bet there are a lot of very interesting facts about the Mona Lisa that you or I could dig up to put in a great story. Things like the security for the painting, who was the model for the painting (they now know who it was!) and who was the artist (duhhh…) and what other work did he do that we might know? Plus, we’ll add photos and video.  It’s up to you!  What are you waiting for?  Jump right in!

Some people like to move quickly from famous place to famous place, a whirlwind tour, as it’s called. That’s fine if you are satisfied with a view from 30,000 feet. I have always wanted to know the story behind whatever it is I’m looking at. It makes the experience so much more meaningful. I really enjoy knowing what’s behind it all.

Read through some of our 10 Minute Travel gems and you will quickly understand what this website is about. Then, consider sending in your own 10 Minute Travel articles, reviews and travel tips.  We have the format all ready for you to follow to make it easier. We want and we need your travel experiences!!

Send us your 10 Minute Travel articles today!!!