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When visiting Rome, the Piazza del Popolo is an interesting place to go and see.

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When visiting Rome, the Piazza del Popolo is an interesting place to go and see.  The piazza was a place where public executions were held until 1826.  The church of Santa Maria del Popolo takes its name from this piazza of the people.  In the piazza, there is an Egyptian obelisk of Rameses II, brought to Rome in 10 BC by order of Emperor Augustus.  It was originally placed in the Circus Maximus.  Later, it was re-erected in Piazza del Popolo in 1589.  The obelisk is significant because pyramids are an Illuminati symbol.

Robert Langdon arrived at the church of Santa Maria del Popolo after incorrectly going first to the Pantheon.  Once he discovered his error (that Raphael was not buried in the Pantheon until 1759), Vittoria and Dr. Langdon raced to the Chigi Chapel.  They had help from the docent at the Pantheon in figuring out where the earthly tomb actually was.

From Santi’s earthly tomb with devil’s hole,
‘Cross Rome the mystic elements unfold.
The path of light is laid, the sacred test,
Let angels guide you on your lofty quest.

The church of Santa Maria del Popolo contains the Chigi Chapel, one of six chapels inside.  The Chigi Chapel was designed by the great Renaissance artist Raphael.  Raphael’s last name was Santi!  The devil’s hole referred to in the poem above was under the round mosaic in the floor with the “death in flight” skeleton and the shield.  It covered an ossuary annex, or open tomb for members of the family.  Many generations of Chigi’s must have been entombed there.  Robert Langdon was stunned to find two big pyramids and many more pagan symbols scattered around the chapel.  This was the place that Raphael, the architect designed. Much later, Gian Lorenzo Bernini, another very famous artist and sculptor, completed the chapel, using designs of his own.  Bernini was said to be Illuminatus.

The sculpture of Habakkuk and the Angel points the way to the second Illuminati marker…. Let angels guide you on your lofty quest.

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This series of articles is aimed at examining the sites in the Dan Brown novel (and now motion picture) Angels and Demons.  The book provided some insights into places in Rome that are often overlooked, simply because there are so many things to see in Rome.  Join me in learning more about these places and the history and people behind them.

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I’ve read some of the history of the Chigi Chapel on Wikipedia. I’m so anxious to go to the church of Santa Maria del Popolo and see the Chigi Chapel for myself! It looks amazing! Pictures, I need pictures!!
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