Castello Il Palagio In The Chianti Region Of Italy

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Sometimes, you are just grateful for the tour company that takes you to a great place. This was one of those times. We signed up for a day trip to the Italian countryside – known the world over as the “Chianti Region.”

The winery we visited was Castello Il Palagio, which is a real working winery with a long history of winemaking. We set out on a tour bus to visit the winery on a beautiful afternoon in June. The weather was gorgeous and we were all stunned at the scenery from the winery’s location on a hill. Off in the distance is another castle and there are acres of vines all around you. This is a wine-lover’s paradise!

First thing, we set off on a tour of the wine cellars and learned a little about how they were organized and how to read the labels on some of the huge wine barrels (I’ve since forgotten what I learned). The cellars were very dark and damp and the right temperature for storing wines as they age in the barrels. I was impressed with the sheer size of some of the wooden barrels. They were much bigger than anything I’ve ever seen. We all got a kick out of walking through the cellars and getting pictures of the famous wine.

Later, after asting the wine and walking around the cellar, we gathered in a large room for more wine tasting and some cheese and meats. The wines were very good. We made a note of the wines we liked best and later bought some to take home. I still have two bottles that I’m saving for a special occasion!

The map above lets you have a look in all directions from the road outside the castle. This is a very beautiful area and the weather was superb. If you have an opportunity to take a tour to a winery in Tuscany, you should absolutely do it! Check with one of the tour companies to set up a tour for yourself. And visit their website to learn a bit more about the history of the castle and to see where it is located so you can go see it for yourself one day!

Check out the video below if you want to have a wedding there. The castle is much more than the winery we were shown, since the purpose of our visit was wine tasting.

What were the WOW moments you experienced?
Being on a hill, overlooking the vineyards, and tasting the wine was so much fun! We met a lot of nice people from all over the world!
Italy, Florence, Castello Il Palagio

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