Triangular Plaza - Greve In Chianti

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Greve in Chianti is a facinating place to stop for an hour. You have just enough time to wander through some of the shops and see the Italian cookware and dishes. There are butcher shops with proscuitto hanging all over the ceiling and wonderful salami everywhere. You can buy 100 grams or so of meet and some cheese and have a nice picnic with a bottle of the area’s Chianti Classico. The residents are all so proud of their wine, and it shows! The small area around Greve is the only area allowed to use the rooster symbol on their wine bottles. The people in this area are intensely proud to be included in the Chianti region.

The street view below is the triangular town square that we had so much fun wandering around. I hope to return someday for a few nights so we can meet and talk to some of the people who are lucky enough to live there! Click and drag your mouse to move the view around and see the square for yourself!

My wife will never let me forget that she saw some serving bowls that she fell in love with here. I wouldn’t let her buy them, because we already had full suitcases. I should have bought her the bowl and had it shipped home. But this is the incentive I need to go back and do some serious shopping! Next time…

Visit the area website for more information on the annual wine celebration that the town is so proud of. You can learn more about festival and see a video about the events at their website. It looks like a great festival with a lot of great wine! I hope to be a part of it in the near future.

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We had only enough time on our tour to quickly wander in and out of the many shops along the beautiful plaza. We want to return one day and shop for some of the dishes we saw. And get more ham and salami. So good!
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