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Why choose 10 Minute Travel?

We are travelers. We visit new places and share our travels with you. Our mission is to help you travel better and save money while doing it. It is possible! We will show you how!

Written By Travelers For Travelers

We do our best to visit new places and tell you why you should visit them. There is so much to see and do when you travel. The possibilities are never-ending. Let us take you to some fabulous places and see for yourself!

Tours By Local Companies

Our affiliation with Viator tours is due to the great experiences we've had over the years with booking through their website. Many of the tours you'll find are operated by local companies who really care about giving you a great experience.

Knowledge Is Power When You Travel

Knowing what to do when traveling makes the experience so much better. Having confidence in any situation will take the worry and stress out of visiting a new place. Be prepared and you'll enjoy your trip so much more.

Here's What Our Readers Say...

A few comments from 10 Minute Travel readers.

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