Don’t Miss Osteria All’Antico Mercato In Florence!

On our third trip to Italy, we still hadn’t ordered pizza. I decided to order one and see if it was much different than the pizza we have in California. I was really surprised to get a hand-tossed pizza that was huge for 7 Euros. It had artichoke, olives and sausage on it. The first thing I noticed was that it smelled wonderful. The sweet smell of butter was very strong. The pizza came on a big plate with a knife and fork. It hadn’t been cut up, so I proceeded to cut slices and taste it. The taste of rich buttery crust and cheese was out of this world! I have never tasted a pizza like this. My wife tried it and really loved it, too. So light and fragrant.

They had two pizza ovens and the baker was producing pizza after pizza. So great! My wife had the sea bass, which she liked. It was a nice sized portion and came with vegetables. We had a 500 ml flask of house wine to wash it all down. The place was nearly full of people who were locals and some tourists. It was a little loud, but not uncomfortable. We enjoyed watching the people and checking out the plates being brought out from the kitchen. They had a big meat counter with steaks aging in the display case. Huge T-bone steaks were arriving at the tables around us. The Florentine way of searing steaks looked wonderful. I don’t know how people eat such big steaks, though. Next time, I’ll give it a try.

The restaurant is on a fairly busy street and seems to be very popular. I would recommend that you find your way to Osteria All’Antico Mercato if you’re hungry. You won’t regret it! From the Santa Maria Novella train station, it is only a short distance down Via Nazionale.  If you are in the area, you are in luck!

Via Nazionale, 78 Firenze, Italy 50123

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