A Money Belt Is Essential When Traveling

When traveling to busy tourist destinations, one thing seems to be a universal problem: pickpockets. They wait for tourists in busy squares, train stations, buses, subways and almost anyplace that you find a lot of people preoccupied with their cameras and whatever sight they came to see. Be on your toes and you won’t become a victim.

It is very important to keep your important papers and money hidden away in a money belt. Pickpockets have many ways to relieve you of anything they can get their hands on. If you don’t keep your money in loose pockets, no one can reach in and help themselves. When going out for the day, keep only the money you’ll need in a pocket. Leave your wallet at home when you travel (men) and carry a purse or backpack with only items that you can easily replace (women). The key is to keep your money and valuables close and not reveal their location. If you have to go into your money belt, go to a restroom or other private place to do it. Never let anyone know where you have your valuables.

I always keep a small amount of cash in my pants pocket and some extra in my sock. If I am the victim of a pickpocket, then whatever I lose will not ruin my trip or force me to make any changes in my plans.

I try to avoid going into my money belt at all during the day. If you don’t look like an easy target to the pickpockets, they will turn their attention to someone who does. I am amazed at how many people I see each time I travel who have all their valuables stolen by a pickpocket. Most times, they had all their important papers, cash and credit cards in a wallet inside their purse. The pickpocket simply unzips the purse and relieves them of their wallet when they are distracted. Twice we saw people in tears at the Trevi Fountain in Rome who lost everything.  Don’t let this happen to you!

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