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How do I avoid getting pickpocketed while on vacation? There are so many scams.
The best way is to read through all of our travel tips that provide information on this subject. Go to this Travel Tip and read through it. Then follow the link at the end of it to go to the next travel tip dealing with keeping you and your money safe.
What is the best way to find cheap airfares and save money?
We have a method that you can use to locate airfares that are much cheaper than what you are probably used to.
I want to save money on airfare. How can I do that?

There are ways to find really good airfares. 

How do I get money when I am traveling?

Simple! These days, there are ATM machines everywhere you go. The secret is to check with your bank at home and find out what bank they have agreements with in the country you will be visiting. For example, I went to Italy and my bank gave me a sheet of paper that listed all of the bank ATM’s I could use. These banks offer the lowest fees when withdrawing funds. Ask your bank what ATMs you can use to withdraw money when you travel. Save your money for your trip!

What are the best ways to save money on my next trip?

Saving money is important on any trip. And saving time is also important. I have found that planning ahead is the best way to get the best flights, accommodations, and tours booked. In general, the travel industry likes people who make reservations in advance. Especially airlines. They get to charge you now for your ticket and hold your money until you fly off to your destination. They (the airlines) get to use your funds for months before you receive services from them. It is important to shop for sales and deals so you can get the best price on airfare. Waiting to book anything can mean you will be paying top dollar (airlines, trains, and buses all charge more for seats at the last minute). Always book well in advance for everything. And always try to book a refundable trip so that you can keep trip insurance low. Airfare is not always refundable, so watch that carefully. Hotels, apartment rentals, tours, and many other activities are refundable. Book early and book refundable! 

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