One thing that becomes instantly apparent in Bangkok, Thailand is the presence of food shops, stalls, restaurants, night markets, and food courts. They’re everywhere! When arriving in Thailand, the airport is so large that I was anxious to get out of it and head to the hotel. On the way to the hotel, we passed so many places to eat. I started to wonder how the food was going to taste and if it would be as cheap to dine out as I had heard it would be.

I thought I would post some photos of what I saw and experienced as my wife and I moved around the Bangkok area.

Fruit stand Thailand

Dragon Fruit and Durian for sale in a stall on the sidewalk in Bangkok. I read that durian is not allowed to be brought into office buildings because of the very strong smell it has. I’ve smelled the fruit and it really smells bad. But the fruit inside is loved by many. I’m told that it tastes like custard. I tried it once and didn’t much care for the taste. I’m sure it is a matter of getting used to it.

On the other hand, the red dragon fruit is really good. I can eat that all day. The inside is white with black seeds, The seeds crunch when you eat them. When you get a good dragon fruit, you’ll be hooked!

Food stall

When stopping at a rest stop on the highway between cities, there are many food stalls open to serve you. We took a look at a group of stores and restaurants and dined on some fresh Pad Thai and bottled drinks. The service is fast and the food is very inexpensive. Having a chance to stop and walk around made the drive to Pattaya fun and interesting. 

Food stall

Scorpions, grubs, and other interesting things.

Food stall in Bangkok

Plenty of food all around!

Night market stall

And more food! Looks like chicken. Crazy how much food gets consumed on the streets and in the night markets.

Fish grilled to perfection

At night, people flock to the night markets to eat and drink. It’s really hot outside, even at 9 pm. We walked up and down the aisles at this night market and I was sweating profusely. But when we got to this booth, the heat from the grilled fish was unbearable! It must have been 110 degrees at least! I don’t know how they stand it.

Food court aisle

One of the many aisles in the market. Nicely decorated, but still really hot and humid. We were there in March and it was already tough to go outside.

Hotel breakfast buffet

Our hotel had a really nice breakfast buffet. I enjoyed the fresh fruit and the cooked eggs each morning. We feel like a good breakfast that is enjoyable is the only way to start the day!

Durian on a tree

Durian smells so bad, but locals claim it tastes very good. I would have to try it a few more times before making up my mind. But it is important to try all of the strange and wonderful foods in Thailand!

Night market stall

And more stalls. There is an unlimited number of food vendors. It’s just phenomenal!

Food mall

Whenever possible, we went to indoor food courts (air-conditioned) to escape the stifling heat. Plus, they have an incredible number of food choices. I came across an Indian food stall and ordered Chicken Tikka Masala. It was really good. I just enjoyed the rice and the flavor of the food so much. 

We were amazed at how much we spent on dinner for two. My wife bought a food card (they don’t take cash at the booths. You have to buy a card and add money to it to pay for your food choices). We bought about $10.00 on the card. After walking around and eating and drinking our fill, we returned to the cashier and got a refund of the money still left on the card. We were shocked to get back about $3.00. Our dinner had cost us less than $7.00 including the drinks. So cheap and best of all, so good!

Night market Bangkok

After walking all over the night market, we hiked to the top floor of a parking garage near the night market. I wanted to get some pictures of the night market layout and to see what it looked like and how big it was. An amazing market that has anything you can think of and anything you might want to eat. Next time I will go in December to avoid the intense heat!

What To See & Do:

There are food stalls, restaurants, street vendors, and night markets all over Bangkok. Ask at your hotel where you can go to experience the best food. They will know the best places to go to. Enjoy!

Where To Eat:

It’s all around you! Pick something and enjoy!

Where To Stay:

Check VRBO for apartment and vacation rentals. CLICK HERE to view available apartments and rental rates in Bangkok, Thailand.

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