Forgetting things when going on a trip is very stressful but fortunately, most things are not indispensable. For example, you can buy a new toothbrush, swimsuit, sunshade, a hat, etc. They can easily add additional costs to your trip but as mentioned earlier, they are not irreplaceable. However, there are 3 things that can make your trip a nightmare if forgotten. For that reason you should always check twice to make sure that you have not forgotten any of them. Do you wonder what they could possibly be? Well, it is quite obvious – money, passport/ID and prescription medications.

Money is a must!

 It is hard to imagine heading out on the road and forgetting to take the money. On the other hand, it has happened before and will most likely continue to happen in the future as well. But forgetting the money is not about forgetting the wallet only. It is about the real money – cash. Most of us have gotten used to the convenience of ATM, debit and credit cards but going on a trip without any cash is a big mistake even if you do not plan to visit remote areas or developing countries. The “plastic money” is completely reliable but there is always a possibility of something going wrong. Now try to imagine yourself in a foreign country without any money. No, you do not want to find yourself without money while traveling. For that reason you should always take some cash. However, never carry it in just one bag or wallet, only because it can get stolen or lost.

Identify yourself

 Passport/ID is the second most important thing to check twice before going on a trip, especially if traveling to a foreign country. You cannot cross the border without a passport or in some cases an ID which means that the bus/plane will leave without you if you forget your passport/ID. Once you are sure that you have your Passport/ID,  make sure it is in a safe place. You are also highly recommended to make a copy of your passport and carry it along with you all the time just in case.

Prescription medication

 If you take any prescription medication, make sure that you take the required amounts with you. Forgetting prescription drugs is not a major concern if you do not leave the borders of your country because the pharmacist can contact your doctor for approval but you can have serious problems if traveling without your prescription medications abroad.

Make a list and check it twice…

Assemble a list of items you will need and keep the list with you. Anytime you think of anything else that you must take with you (special glasses, contacts, shoe inserts, etc.), add it to the list. You will be much less likely to forget something if you put a good list together and then use it when it’s time to start packing.

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