Plan your Safari right!

Are you considering going on a safari to Africa? If so, it can be the trip of a lifetime or a nightmare come to life.

1. In order to make it the trip of the lifetime, the first thing you should do is read various independent reviews. Make sure that you are reading reviews on sites that are not paid for by the company. Look at the bottom of the page to make sure that you do not see it connected to a particular tour company. Also do not rely on reviews posted on individual safari company websites.

2. After you have narrowed down your list, then check out the credentials of the safari you are considering. Make sure they are accredited by the American Society of Travel Agents or the Association for the Promotion of Tourism to Africa.

3. When planning a safari to Africa, make sure your money is paid into a trust. Unfortunately, many safari companies go bankrupt. If your money is held by a trust, your money is safe.

4. Make sure you understand the cancellation policies and the refund policies of the safari companies. Some companies will not operate if the safari is not full. Make sure you find a company that will guarantee your dates.

5. Before leaving home, check to make sure that the safari company has a small travel size. Many companies crowd way too many people into their vehicles and lodges. The smaller the safari, the more personal experience you will have.

Read as much as you can about potential safari companies and make an informed decision.  If you can find someone you trust that has been on a safari before, ask them if they would go again. Most people won’t hesitate to give you an honest opinion.  Word of mouth can be the best referral you’ll get.

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