Sled Dog in La Thuile: a Dream for Mountain Lovers

If you want to escape the crowds on your ski holidays then where better to venture than La Thuile in Italy’s beautiful Aosta Valley? Part of the international resort Espace Saint Bernardo, it nestles in the North Western Italian Alps on the French border with spectacular views of the Mont Blanc chain. Connected to Geneva, Turin and Milan Malpensa airports by door to door ski transfers, the journey won’t eat into your time or budget, as a train also stops at nearby Pre St Didier with a bus connection. This friendly, old world town with modern facilities, and ski lifts to a wide range of runs which stretch over 150km, will meet all your expectations and much more.

If all this seems quite interesting to you, but you’re also looking for an ski destination where you can take part in an unforgettable adventure to tell all your friends about, La Thuile offers an experience that you won’t find easily around other Alpine resorts. In the local area, Sled Dog is an activity that has already conquered the hearts of many adventurous tourists.

Dogs pulling sleds in Italy

Commonly associated with North America and Scandinavia, Sled Dog is in fact thriving in La Thuile thanks to the activity of Dog Sled Man, a group run by professional guides who can count on a team of 50 expert huskies around the area. Part of Grandes Jorasses Adventures, which was founded in 1996, the group is led by Fabrizio Lovati, the Italian master of sled dogging who was crowned South American Sled Dog Champion in 1999 and has participated in races all around the world for over a decade.

Starting just a couple miles out of town in Frazione Petosan, a Sled Dog introductory tour around La Thuile will allow you to discover everything about the technique and theory of sled dogging, and eventually explore fascinating glacial environments led by a team of 3 or 4 huskies.

Sled dog team in Italian Alps

The La Thuile circuit, about 5 kilometers long, explores the proximities of the Mont Blanc and the Grand Jorasses Chain, taking you through one of the most breath-taking plateaus of the Alps, with some stunning views of the surrounding valleys. Running times for starters are usually between 20 and 40 minutes, and Sled Dog courses here can welcome up to 30 participants per day during the whole ski season, from December to April.

Sled dogs and rider

A quite straightforward sport, sled dogging doesn’t require you to buy any specific equipment: water-proof clothes and shoes to keep you warm, gloves and typical mountain accessories are really all you need.

Dog Sled Man

An exciting activity for your next winter fantasy trip! Go to for more info and to see the photos and video.

Sled Dog Man

All in all, this is truly an activity for everyone: sled dogging is very popular among mountain and animal lovers, and families with kids alike. If your kids are older than 7 they will get their own sled and dog, while younger ones will be just as excited to jump on board with one of the guides, breathe some fresh air and enjoy one of the best adventures of their lives in La Thuile!

What To See & Do:

Choose from a number of options. Check out Sled Dog Man >> CLICK HERE to go to the website and learn about dog sledding in Italy! Or, see some other activities in the area.

Where To Stay:

Check VRBO for apartment and vacation rentals. CLICK HERE to view available apartments and rental rates in La Tuile, Italy. Or check for other locations. Ski shuttles operate from major airports to the ski areas. CLICK HERE to learn more about transportation to La Thuile from major cities.

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