Now that I’ve gone over the various ways to deduct expenses (again, do your homework and get this part right!), it’s time to look at the many ways to earn an income as a travel writer.  I’m very focused on writing travel articles, but you can apply much of this information to whatever type of writing you want to do.

Early on, I wrote about a number of ways to make money while traveling the world.  And I said I wanted to explore them all.  Here’s the list:

  • Become a travel writer and sell articles to magazines and newspapers.
  • Sell products of my own design, such as e-books and training courses related to travel.
  • Work hard to build traffic to my website and sell advertising.
  • Become an affiliate for various travel-related companies to earn commissions.
  • Prepare myself to teach English classes to make an extra income.
  • Get involved in Internet Marketing.

I’m still working on the first one.  It’s a slow process to get started and will take a while to have some successes.  I haven’t heard back from Sunset magazine yet.  I’m starting to wonder if I will.  My thought is that they probably screen the query letters coming in and just delete any that aren’t from a seasoned, well-known (to them) writer.  Time will tell and I need to wait at least 2 months before coming to that conclusion.

It’s been a while since I posted anything here on the blog.  That’s mainly because I have been looking into internet marketing.  I am also going to pursue this as a way to earn extra money.  If done right, it can be lucrative.  However, I realize that it takes a great deal of time in the beginning ( a year of concentrated effort, at least) and continuous work after that.  But the rewards can be great and the income can be steady and reliable.  So I want to jump into this and make it work for me.  As I go through this process, I’ll write about my experiences.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then Google internet marketing to get an idea.  I want to learn this business for the long term.  Just like writing articles and selling them.  I plan to have a diverse group of income generators for the future.  You should diversify as well, and not put all your eggs in one basket.

Having multiple streams of income can help you weather the storms life brings.  I’ll explore some of the other ways to earn an income in future posts.  Please subscribe to my RSS feed.

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I’d appreciate hearing from anyone who has internet marketing experiences to share!

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