When searching for a hotel for our arrival in Milan, I came across the Hotel Nasco. The location was very good (away from the city center) and the price reflected that. I’m always looking for a lower cost hotel when visiting high-cost cities like Milan.

We arrived in the lobby to a greeting from a very pleasant check-in clerk. I am always mindful of the way we are welcomed, for it gives a clue about the way we will be treated the rest of our stay. The same treatment was received until check out. 

Because we were happy with our stay, we have visited twice more in later years. This first stay was in 2009 (that explains the older television and the bedspreads). 

Hotel Nasco Milan Italy

At the time of our first stay, my goal was to find a nice hotel that was located near public transportation. The Hotel Nasco is situated on a road with a city tram line right out in front. Trains go by all day long, but the noise was never a problem. These trains move slowly from stop to stop and don’t produce a lot of unnecessary sounds. Ideal for operating in an area with hotels and businesses. It also runs away from the city center to residential areas. 

Hotel Nasco Milan Italy

Plenty of space for two and comfortable accommodations make for a relaxing place to unwind between excursions.

Hotel Nasco Milan Italy

Another room in the hotel that we stayed in on a later trip to Milan.

Hotel Nasco Milan Italy

Check out the furnishings. The hotel is very nice. I imagine they would have done some type of upgrade by now. Probably flat-screen TV and other upgrades. Hotel Nasco is still a great place to stay while in Milan.

Hotel Nasco Milan Italy
Hotel Nasco Milan Italy

Your big reward comes when you go out of the hotel, walk to the tram station and ride to Piazza del Duomo and see the white glowing church of Milan. At certain times of day, the church seems to be lit up with the sun’s rays. It’s always a pleasure to see the church after getting off the tram. And from the Piazza del Duomo, there are many places to walk to and see.

Piazza del Duomo Milan Italy

I smile every time I think about Hotel Nasco. It has everything we want when traveling. The rooms are clean and the staff is pleasant. We are rewarded with fond memories and a yearning to go back to Milan! 

What To See & Do:

There are so many things to see and do in Milan. I recommend taking the elevator to the roof of the Duomo and walking around all of the marble sculptures they have decorating the spires. The roof access is worth the wait. I got some good pictures. Don’t forget to go to Sforza Castle and the Vittorio Emanuelle II Galleria just off to the side of the Duomo. Nothing but expensive shops and restaurants, but fun to window shop. Walk all the way through the Galleria and out the other side to see the statue of Leonardo da Vinci. He is facing the world-famous La Scala Opera House just across the street.

Where To Stay:

Check the Hotel Nasco website for the latest prices. You can also choose to stay in a VRBO apartment rental. CLICK HERE to view available apartments and rental rates in Milan, Italy. Or check for other locations. 

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