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La Francesca is in the small Liguria region of Italy nestled on the edge of the azure sea between Riomaggiore and the Punta Mesco headland close to Cinque Terre National Park. La Francesca is within a protected area designated for preserving the natural biodiversity; even the sea in front of the resort is part of the Cetacean’s Sanctuary area which safeguards the passage of dolphins and whales. The resort faces three small gulfs and along the shoreline are cliffs and pristine beaches. La Francesca is surrounded by lush wild foliage, plants, and bushes of thyme, rosemary, myrtle, oregano, and lavender as well as juniper trees, pine trees, orchids, and strawberry trees. The incredible biodiversity and surrounding thick forests are the perfect settings for a relaxing vacation. Once you are settled into the resort you can literally disconnect from the outside world, cocooned in the natural paradise. The area is crisscrossed with nature trails and ancient Roman lanes and alleys.

The ancient Roman road of Via Francigena passed through the village of La Francesca and it saw travelers making their journey to distant lands, pilgrims, Templars, and even Julius Caesar took this route on his way to Gaul (France) hence the road which connected Italy and France became “Francesca.” Over the years the village and area were used for different purposes. In 1999 a destructive fire destroyed much of the local forest and also damaged La Francesca. Following the fire, the owners, Giovanna and Marco, who had grown up here, developed the resort with the aim of preserving the unique biodiversity and not losing the natural treasure that La Francesca possesses.

La Francesca view of the sea

About the Resort

La Francesca is dedicated to eco-sustainable and environmentally-aware tourism, providing an unpolluted, natural environment that respects the surroundings and protects nature while offering a vacation that is natural and healthy. The resort strives to cut down on electricity consumption by using a photovoltaic system; the restaurant uses locally sourced ingredients and the forests and surrounding flora and fauna are left to thrive. In addition, the resort helps to introduce guests to the region’s traditions, culture, cuisine, history, and people.

The property which covers about 15 hectares has 55 vacation apartments among the lush green foliage overlooking the sea. The apartments face south so they are protected from the north winds so La Francesca is a destination for all seasons.

La Francesca apartment

Your La Francesca Accommodation

There are several types of accommodation available: Apartments on the 1st floor of the central building have a double bed and sofa bed, they overlook the orange tree garden; these are ideal for young couples; the Underbungalows are in the center of the village, they are on the lower level of a two-level cottage, they cover 30m² and have a large outdoor terrace facing the coast and the Upper Bungalow is located on the upper level facing the mimosa wood in the west and the Gulf of Levanto in the east, they cover 25m². Alternatively, there are family cottages which are 30m² to 60m² and have 2-3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a fireplace. The apartments are equipped with their own kitchenettes so you can cook up a meal using locally bought fresh produce, then enjoy your meal on your own balcony.

From the cottages there is a private route to the beach, there is a mini-market where you can buy provisions, kids have a play area and teens have an area to gather for activities in the summer. There are plenty of areas for kids to explore in a safe environment and for them to run around in the fresh air. For sports, you can use the indoor gym, tennis courts, volleyball fields, bowling, minigolf, table tennis and the swimming pool which is open from June to September.

La Francesca apartment

Dining Options

If you choose not to prepare your own meals then the resort restaurant can provide you with the traditional Mediterranean and Ligurian cuisine. The kitchen uses healthy cooking methods, local high-quality ingredients, and plenty of fish and locally produced olive oil. On the wine menu are locally produced DOC wines. You can enjoy your food on the terrace overlooking the stunning scenery.

And of course, pizza!

La Franchesca pizza oven
Seafood La Francesca
Desert at La Francesca

Things to do around La Francesca Resort

You can visit the nearby medieval villages, discover farms with vineyards and olive groves and visit the local markets in Levanto or Bonassola, or go shopping in Cinque Terre. Bonassola is a small village of fewer than 1,000 residents, the narrow streets are lined with 17th and 18th-century houses and the village overlooks the water.

Levanto is only slightly larger than Bonassola; it was a medieval seaport and remains a hub for the many surrounding smaller villages. Levanto is known for its “slow food” and gastronomic traditions; here you can sample many local delicacies grown only in the region.

If you’re interested in sightseeing and enjoying the region’s artistic heritage then Genova, La Spezia, Lucca, Pisa, and Firenze are all an easy day trip away.

Bird spotters will enjoy a walk between Salto della Lepre in Bonassola and La Francesca.

Visit the Cinque Terre

Not far away on the edge of La Francesca is the Cinque Terre National Park where 5 colorful villages are perched on the cliff tops overlooking the sea. There is both a train route that connects the 5 villages and a scenic walkway. Other national parks slightly further afield are the Regional Natural Park of Portovenere where there are the Roman Triremes port and several islands close to the coast; the Regional National Park of Montemarcello-Magra where the environment and wildlife are protected and rehabilitated and the Regional National Park of Portofino which is on the Portofino headland and only accessible by foot.

In the area are several interesting sites to explore like the six copper mines – copper played an important role in the local industry and on hikes through the countryside you can see basalt rock and green volcanic rocks which are overgrown with vegetation.

You can also go hiking or cycling through the ancient railway tunnels which run along the coast from Framura to Bonassola. The La Francesca website has tips on walking and bicycle trips you can take on ancient roads and pathways to get the full effect of the beautiful ocean views that the Ligurian coast is famous for.

A Green Oasis on the Sea of the Cinque Terre

Special bookings are often available – see this page for today’s special offers!

Treat yourself to a fantastic visit to the world-famous Ligurian resort of La Francesca. There is something for everyone and you can enjoy a bit of green living at the same time! See their website to book your next unforgettable holiday!

Note: The La Francesca resort is open all year round: 55 houses and apartments from 2+1 to 6+2 beds with kitchenette, bathroom, and terrace, in a marvelous park overlooking the sea of Cinque Terre; the ideal place for a holiday immersed in nature. Beach, swimming pool, tennis, playground, restaurant, bar, minimarket. La Francesca has it all!

What To See & Do:

Explore all of the activities and amenities offered by La Francesca Resort. Enjoy the resort and all it has to offer. Take a day trip to Vernazza or any of the other Cinque Terre towns. They are especially good for their hiking trails between the towns. And by all means, enjoy the quiet beauty of the resort.

Where To Eat:

The Cinque Terre region has plenty to offer for its visitors. Take advantage of the excellent on-site restaurant, or ask for a recommendation from the staff on where they like to eat when away from La Francesca.

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